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Mini Direct Solar Charger - product proposition


Hello, I'm searching for a poduct, that apparently doesn't exist (yet).
So I drew something quickly to show what it could be, and explain..
It would be easily carried around, and could be plugged to most random standard panels, cheap refurbished ones from industry, to weird and powerful portable solar array. with a high enough max input limit. the output goal is to have standard USBC Power Delivery up to 102W to power a laptop during the day, and charging a couple more things while doing so.

I've made a portable Direct Solar setup for my dirtbike, and I'd like to make use for the same panels and/or array, to use my other tools and equipment while not charging the bike.

Also, I'm sure it would be very useful to a lot of people, in a lot of different usecases. :-)

Victron is obviously the most reputable company in this space to make such a product, and I'm surprised it still doesn't exist. I hope the standardization of USBC-PD will make this happen faster. :-)

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Stuff like that sort of exists. Goal zero jackary bluetti all have similar products.

Execution of those items with various shortcomings.

The main one being the daft solar panels they use.... So mods all round to get around that exist.

But yeah am with you on that idea.

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coin3ip avatar image coin3ip Alexandra ♦ commented ·

no, they don't make things like that. they make external batteries, battery banks, power station (with battery)... that's not the same thing. I want a Direct Solar Charger. no need for a battery battery inside it.
This is what I've done for my dirt bike. Direct Solar Charging, no additional battery.


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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ coin3ip commented ·

So an mppt(of sorts) with usbs or load ouptut on it? Yep they exist.

My apologies for not noting that it did not have a battery in your design.

I think the main issue will be durable portable panels that actually produce decent power

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coin3ip avatar image coin3ip Alexandra ♦ commented ·

The portable panels I'm using seem pretty well made, I hope they will be durable.. It's from a company that isn't selling batteries first, and only produce portable and 'powerful' panels. So I hope I'm good on this side.

Do you have links for those MPPTs with USBC-PD output ports please?
I've found 2 models, from "cutting edge power"... they seem a bit janky, but I'm gonna try them I think... they don't say what the maximum input is, though. that seems quite scammy. their 100W output isn't weatherproof, and for their 30W output one that is weatherproof, they don't tell the maximum input either......
I really don't think they're gonna like my 350W panels at home :/
The idea is there, but the execution of it is sloppy, and the presentation is terrible. Victron would do a way better job at this. with products spec sheets, all necessary information, build quality, etc....

Also, the input limits on the goal zero battery banks are shit. and tailored to use with their own panels. usually very small and overengineered, so very slow and overpriced.
Same for the power stations. and all the vendors of power stations (goal zero, jackery, ecoflow) do the same scammy shit. they have terrible panel designs, and overpriced batteries with bad input limits, that force people to buy bigger models.

They're just a scam.

the most common panels we can find (at least here in France), are 350W (35V 10A) standard panels. if the charger can't take at least that as input, the product is a scam.

Another Also ^^, I've heard USBC-PD will have a 48V standard too, so maybe the input limit should take this into account and be around 100V (same as the MPPT 100/20 48V), so we could also use the same product to deliver 48V PD and charging (mppt).

make it 'waterproof' and shock resistant, and it could become the go-to product for all portable equipment. from the phone, camera batteries, to laptops, and my 48V dirt bike.

that would be amazing :-) but probably too much to ask for in a smaller box than the 100/20 48V MPPT..

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nhuillard answered ·

What I did last october was: an MPPT controller like yours in a waterproof case, with a lithium battery inside and various adapters for the output.


I guess that outputting 100W using USB-PD will not work reliably direct from solar. Some sort of buffer battery is needed to provide continuous power even when clouds passes.

Your bike battery should do the trick. Just add the output adapters you need.

Mine are 12-24V car adapters from Aliexpress, and LED drivers, which output 750mA whatever the voltage, to speaker connectors (upper right), which direct desk-lamp from Ikéa (old model which doesn't exist anymore, but with failing power adapters, not needed here).


The case is from Explorer Cases. The grey plate is custom-made from a distributor which could be not that far from your location, as I understand it (I'll get back the name if you're interested). There are many sizes. This one holds the MTTP above + the battery below the plate. And many wires too...


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