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recommendation to replace Magnetek Model 6406 Power Converter

Hi Victron Community,

I've just finished restoring a '91 Starcraft Starliner Pop-Up last year, installed a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Solar Charge Controller, Solar Panels and 420AH of batteries. Everything works great. I'm about to add a small refrigerator, vent fans, water pump for the sink, accessory lighting, etc.

The existing Magnetec 6406 has a single AC/DC converter good for 5amps DC MAX... super whimpy, but enough to convert and provide power for a couple overhead lights...the only DC power requirement when the camper was built.

I need some help and a recommendation to replace the Magnetec with something else, newer, more powerful... I really want to find something by Victron, but unless I've missed something, I don't see a comparable product. I want something that will also charge my battery bank from Shore power.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Jason B

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Hi Jason. Victron have a pretty fair range of chargers:

Depends what you want, and 120V ac? may restrict your choices.

One of the newer bluetoothed Smart models would be nice, Have a wade through the options and see what you fancy. I like the IP67, full resin encapsulation and likely unbreakable.

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So essentially, I can build out a custom circuit breaker/toggle switch for charging my batteries from shore power, right? And a AC circuit breaker inline that would serve the AC outlets and dual power refrigerator (12vDC/120VAC) that I plan on installing...

If I chose the Blue Smart IP22 12v/30AMP, I would be limited to 30amps of DC usage while on shore power (or a little less) for my Charger to replace the DC power I'd be consuming... Is my thinking clear?

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Yes I think you're onto it. Just a matter of wiring in the switches/breakers/fuses to what you want. Unfortunately to get W from 12V comes along with Amps.

You could actually parallel your pv's 100/30, Victron charger and 6406 into the same dc bus if you wanted. All should control to V and moderate as needed. The ones with the lower V settings will back off first. Your batts are big enough to manage that. To me, a 30A charger seems a commonsense size, even allowing for your dc loads (which I have to guess at).

Note though that the IP22 can't do 120V ac supply. Relatively new model and look nice, and I'm sure that 120V will be in the pipeline, Google fails me though.. maybe Matthijs or Guy can confirm that status.

Nice too to have dual ac/dc loads on some of your kit. Should be a good system, the challenge being keeping it all 'tidy'. :)

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