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AC coupling on Multiplus II with micro Inverter

Hi Guys,

I am googling for long time now and maybe I just use the wrong key words or dont understand what I am reading, so I try to ask here. Maybe someone can help.

We have an Offgrid PV System based on Multiplus II, 3kWp Solar panels (DC coupled with Victron MPPT) and 10kWh battery from pylontech.

The setup works very good, but we want to increase the photovoltaik power.

The setup is installed in an old farm and the orientation towards the sun is not optimal, so we think about installing PV modules all around the area to get good energy all over the day...

Now the question:

It would be ideal if I could just take micro inverter for every PV module and couple them via AC coupling to the system. I know the 1:1 rules and so on. But I dont find micro inverters which support frequency shifting as SolarEdge, ABB or Fronius do.

Is there a working and tested combination of Multiplus II together with microinverters which supports frequency shift for this setup?

Which microinverters can be used here?

I am very thankfull for ideas or help so

Thanks an best regards


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I know someone near Tartu/Estonia which use a Multiplus 48/3000 and bought in an eShop some of this 300W Solarpanels with integrated GTI which you plug into your household socket (230V).

I can not remember hom many he has, but at least 4.

However, if you are Off-the-Grid, this setup can be fatal, if the battery goes low and the MultiPlus switch off, hence you NEED some Solarpanels DC coupled with a SmartSolar and I suggest a 250V model since your house is not optimal.

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