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Multiple Batteries

I'd like some validation that I'm on the right path. On my sailboat, I have three batteries (house, starter, and bow thruster). The house are LifePO4 and charged by a Multiplus II and I need to know both state of charge (SOC) and temperature, the starter and bow thruster batteries are mainly charged by the alternator with a ARGO FET isolator. I need to know state of charge for the starter battery and at least voltage for the bow thruster battery. I'm adding a CERBO GX. Plan is to use two Smart Shunts and use one to monitor house SOC and temp, and the second one to monitor starter SOC and bow thruster voltage. Is there a smarter way to do this?

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To my understanding the starter battery lives a quiet life as long as the engine is fairly easy to start and I wouldn’t think of having it monitored at all except for voltage.

The battery for the bow-thruster does also mostly live a quiet life since I suppose you don’t run it without engine running.

Have you thought about combining the two into one bank and have it charged as one (parallel) bank?

Then you would only need to monitor the voltage of it.

Just how I would do it… :-)

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