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Using Power Assist function along with ESS assistant

We have a house where we would like to support the insufficient grid power with the help of the inverters+batteries & Fronius PV inverter.
We have following equipment and conditions:
- 3 phase MP48/5000 system with Cerbo GX & Touch & 30 kWh LFP battery
- Fronius PV inverter 10 kW sitting on the MP 48/5000 output so that it works when the public grid is off
- Exporting any power to the grid is not allowed (zero feed in)
- AC grid with the power of 15 kW max

How can we set up both - power assist (to limit the load on the grid within 15 kW) and at the same time provide Fronius PV inverter with zero feed in, which is normally done with ESS assistant.

If we put ESS assistant we can have zero feed in but we cannot have power assist function as it is being disabled when selecting ESS.

How can we have both - limiting 15kW on the grid and having zero export to the grid using MP 48/5000?

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