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Multiplus installed along with a WaterTurbine

Dear member of the community.

I have recently installed a Multiplus 24/1200/25 (which I will be updating sooner than later), and along with it, I have installed a micro-water turbine of 200W (AC, nominal voltage of 220). The problem I am having right now, is that this water turbine gives me frequencies between 63 and 38 Hz depending on the amount of energy I am generating with it, also de voltage ranges from 310 to 190 V, also depending on the energy generated.

I have read a bit about the 1140 Interface, but there is not enough information about it, for example, knowing which ranges of frequencies, voltages and current will be accepted by the assistant and also by the multiplus (given that the multiplus only accepts AC input of min 45Hz - 180V and max AC input of 65Hz - 270V. So, how would de 1140 work?

Also the problem, apparently, is tha the 1140 interface must be close to the water turbine, thing that is a bit difficult, because it is close to a river, (100 meters from the multiplus).

If there is another solution that is not the 1140 interface, please let me know. And if this is the only one, please explain to me how this works and how could I do it.

Thank you very much!

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I think the energy from the water turbine will have to go directly to the batteries, not through the Multi. You'll need a charge controller designed for AC input, plus ideally a Smart Shunt (or similar) to monitor the state of the batteries as the Multi won't 'see' this energy.

The output from the turbine, they are usually 3 phase (3 wires + earth maybe)? If yours is single phase (2 wires + earth maybe) you may struggle to find a suitable charge controller.

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Thanks for the answer @Guy Cashmore , I will keep on looking how to solve this. However, the Interface 1140 of Victron, I still think it could work somehow.


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