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Multiplus says AC input disconnected

Hello All

So after 4 months at sea we arrived in Ushuaia, argentian and i went to plug in the shore power and the Multiplus shows AC input - disconnected.

I have power at the shore power cable, through the ELCI> Victron iso transformer> and on the input posts of the multiplus. So essentially it is not seeing the power.

The voltage is reading 205V, 50HZ at the multiplus.

settings in the MP for AC low disconnect at 180 and low connect at 187


Iso transformer

Multiplus 230/500 100-120 Firmware 497 ( VRM says current version is 498 , but using VE connect it says 497 is current)

Digital multi control

Cerbo GX Firmware 2.92

GX touch

Lynx smart BMS

I keep trying to update the firmware to 498 m but for some reason Victorn connect doesnt see it

Im super confused. everything looks good.

Ive tried unplugging on the VE BUS cables so nothing is plugged into the Multiplus and still i cant get it to going charger mode, either in 'On" or "charge only"

I am now getting # 15 Ve bus error randomly

i am also getting the low battery alarm randomly , the batteries are at 26.3

all the firmware looks up. to date.

Any thoughts.



Multiplus-IIMultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargermultiplus ve.bus
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