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BMV-702 & smartsolar MPPT 75/.15

Originally had a BMV-702 which has old firmware on it. Was using it to monitor my trailer battery SOC. Now purchased a Victron MPPT 75/15 Smartsolar charger for the trailer battery. Trying to figure out the best way to 1) get my BMV-702 updated and 2) connect the two devices so they share data.

Can I connect the BMV-702 to the MPPT 75/15 directly with a VE direct cable and then use the blueooth on the MPPT 75/15 to update the BMV-702?

If they are connected to each other with the VE direct cable (ie not ve direct bluetooth on the bmv-702) will they share info and both show up in the Victron app through the Smartsolars bluetooth?

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Hi @jcolter, no that wont work.

Connecting them together with a vedirect cable will do nothing at all.

If you want to get them connected, you’ll need to buy a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle for your BMV. The added value will not be that high though; mppt will work fine without Vsense and Tsense data (I’m assuming that you have reasonable cabling between the mppt and the battery. Not extremely long or thin).

Happy to sell you such dongle though! :-)

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Thanks mvader. What would be the easiest cheapest way to get my BMV-702 firmware updated? Might end up getting the BMV-712 due to the lower current draw and added bluetooth down the road so buying the bluetooth dongle just to update the 702 isn't ideal.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ jcolter commented ·

Hi, one way would be to drive by a dealer if you have one close by. So they can do it for you. The other way is to buy a USB VE.Direct cable.

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