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Huawei Y6s enforce BlueTooth pairing and Devices can not renamed

Goody day,

when I had only three BlueTooth devices

SmartSolar MPPT 150/7 Tr VE.Can
Phoenix 24/375
BMV 702

everything was fine. I could rename the devices and was never ask again for a pin.

My 8 BMV 702 are connected via VE.Direct over the USR-TCP232-T2 to a 24 port Ethernet Switch and an Banana-PI M1.

Today I updated the Victron Connect App and new Devices

MultiPlus-II 24/5000
4 BMV 702
SmartSolar MPPT 250-100 TR VE.Can

Installed it and now everything is messed up.

I can not access all 6 new devices at all, because my Huawei Y6s enforce BlueTooth pairing and even if I unpaid the devices, the Victron Connect App say device bussy.

Q: Does someone know a FREE (without adds or in-app-purchases) App, which allow blacklistig of devices?

Also renaming of devices is not more possible, because the option "Device Info" where you can change the name of the devices is not more there.

It is not funny to have now 13 BMVs where 12 have the same name

Q: When is a new update for the Victron Connect App available?

Oh, another thing is, that today morning I the Connect App forced me to update the 9 existing BMVs to a version 2.something and when I tried to change settings the BMVs told me again I have to update to make changes... argh!!! - Version 3.something!

We have currently a windspeed of 9-10m/s and it is biting cold.
This crap of updated has cost me more then 2 hours!

Must this be?

Remote updates are no option because I am in a GSM hope.

Thanks in advance

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HI @Michelle Konzack

To me it is unclear what type of BMV you have and how you have them connected. You mention the BMV702, but also bluetooth and VE.Direct to a Banana Pi. However, the BMV702 does not have built in bluetooth so to be able to use bluetooth would require a VE.Direct Smart dongle. But this cannot be used together with a VE.Direct connection as they use the same port. So can you please check again the exact type of devices that you have, explain how all devices are connected and how you want to connect to them using VictronConnect?

Can you please also make a screenshot of the Device Info menu where you would normally be able to change the name just so we know how it looks now?

Kind regards,

Thiemo van Engelen

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Michelle Konzack answered ·

The first 8 BMV702 are connected via Media-Inverter to the LAN while the NEW BMVs (I bought them already before the SmartShunt appeared) use the VE.Direct Smart Dongle.

However, the problem is already solved.

The Victron Connect App had an issue on my Phone.

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