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Parallel connecting Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 with ...?

Hi all,

I am looking to extend my system with another inverter. I now have a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 from 2009. I have a HEX number of 1812017.

On the form I read about not being able to connect compacts, phoenix inverters and newer multi's with my firmware. My question is three fold.

1. If I am able to get another Phoenix multiplus with the a simmilar HEX number (beginning with 18) is it then possible to connect them parallel?

2. What cable do I use to connect the two? I only have 1 RJ45 port for my control panel and 2 10pin ports of witch I don't know the name. The manual says it should be possible to connect with other devices from the port. ( Paragraph 1.6.6.)

3. With the correct cable, will the parallel set than communicate via the old MK2 protocol? Or do I need to install a certain protocol?

See below for pitures of the inside of my current phoenix multiplus.




multiplus in parallelcommunication protocol
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2 Answers
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1. You would need another Phoenix MultiPlus with firmware 1812yyy. Preferably 1812017 exactly because I'm not so sure if those old firmware upgrades are available anymore to get both units to the same version number.

2. You'd use the MK2 connected to the master device once the units are daisy chained as in the manual. Those are IDC connectors. Not sure where to get those 10 way cables anymore. Maybe a Victron dealer nearby might be able to help you with that.

3. These old devices use VE.9bit protocol. The MK2 dongle will handle that for you, you don't need to install any protocols.

Sorry, I'm not sure how much support is still available for those old devices, they must be approaching 20 years old by now. Like I mentioned before, perhaps an established Victron dealer near to you might still have some knowledge.

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Thank you for your advice! I will get a MK2 dongle and I already found a multi with excactly the same firmware. Fingers crossed
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If the physical gear is not of the same generation, you might have issues like imbalances.

The properties of the components can change with time, so it may not meet your expectations, so be careful about investing too much on such an old system.

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Quite late in letting you know but I managed to connect them and make them work in tandem. It works perfectly

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