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BlueSolar HUGE Drop in VBUS battery voltage on morning startup

2x Multi 3kw - 4x Pylon US2000 - Bluesolar and SmartSolar MPPTs - Off grid system.

This morning, from the logs, around PV wakeup time, the VBUS battery voltage dropped to 36.42v from a nominal 47v - SOC was good at 40%

BMS voltage was reporting good however, at around 48.5v

Minimal AC loads. cica 140w - which was consistant overnight.

VBUS voltage suddenly dropped then caused inverter to cut out as you would expect.

After a reset and time to recover - system appears to be working as expected.

What could cause the drop in VBUS battery ? - seems to align with the BlueSolarStartup which is a south facing array.

Possible signs of an early failiure ? or DC PV string issue ?

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