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Battery charging curve for dump load

Hi everyone!

I am working on a dump load device using a rpi and a triac. The idea is to finish it and share it with the community.

Well, let’s get to the point: I am trying to create a PID to assure that my overpowered system (3,5kw in PV vía Smartsolar & 16kwh in batteries) works at it best.

To do so, the idea is to assure that the batteries are charged as they would without the dump load, and use the extra energy on a water heater.

The problem I have is: I am able to assure that during bulk the maximum energy is provided to the batteries (I apply the 0,15C10 limit for bulk charging intensity), but I do not know at which rate the intensity decreases when the batteries are in absorption mode (but I know they will decrease to until it reaches around 2-3% of the C10 capacity).

May someone know which intensity curve is applied by the Victron mppt?

For information, I have a Smartsolar 250/100 and Multiplus 48/5000; with a ccgx (Matthjis told me that eventually we could introduce the code into que CCGX, but that will be the following step).

Thanks for the help!

@mvader (Victron Energy Staff)


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