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3 x MP II 48/5000 on-grid ESS with 1 x Quattro 48/10000 for generator charging

Hi all,

I have an existing 3 phase on-grid, ESS installation consisting of 3 x MPII 48/5000, 1 x 450/200 charger, 1 x CCGX and 6 x Pylontech US3000's.

My customer would like to add a 4th inverter/charger for charging the batteries using a 1 phase generator.

Question, to comply with Pylontech's warranty conditions, ie managed charging, how can I set this up to comply?

I understand the 4th inverter can be setup to independently charge, but without the comms link to the Pylontech BMS, no battery warranty.

I have read previous posts on putting 1 phase into the master L1 of the 3 phase system (without installing the 4th inverter/charger) however it doesn't work for ESS systems.

Any ideas much appreciated.

ESSGenerator3 phase
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