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Victron Multiplus II with Pylontech ESS Installers in Scotland

I'm planning to have a 2nd PV array with a Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Pylontech batteries installed. I wondered if anyone could recommend some companies that would carry out this installation in Edinburgh?

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Shiv avatar image Shiv commented ·
Hey! Have you found anyone in/around Edinburgh?

I'm in a similar position, have been looking for decent installers but haven't found any!

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lydart avatar image lydart Shiv commented ·
I have been in contact with a Victron trained installer. It looked quite promising but they are unwilling to come to my house and provide me with a quote. They want me to pay upfront for G98 or G99 application before any quotation etc. I guess they are not really that interested!
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Shiv avatar image Shiv lydart commented ·
Ah that's a shame. I've reached out to around 50-100 mcs installers (from their map search) and only found a handful that are decent. But they all seem keen to install their own suite of products. The growatts and solis seems to be very popular.

I quite like the Victron system and would prefer them over the chinese suppliers.

Out of interest, can you share the victron trained installer you've contacted?

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