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Multiplus II with ESS + second Multiplus II with Generator + Pylontech Battery

I have a Multiplus II installed with ESS and 3 Pylontech 2000 Batteries. Now I want to add a second Multiplus II to connect a Generator on AC In 1.

At the moment the Pylontech are connected to the Venus GX and as I understand controlled from there.

How can I connect the second Multiplus II to the Venus Gx that the Batteries will charge when the Generator is running?

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The GX only supports one connected VE bus product at a time.

So unless they are configured in Parallel there is no way to monitor or control the second Multiplus off your one GX.

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Thank you for your answer! Is it possible that the second Multiplus II charge the Pylontech battery without connection to the Venus Gx?

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Yes you can run Pylons 'dumb'. I am not recommending that though

Keep to the recommended voltages and charge currents and check with your supplier about warranty effects of doing that. (Specifically running it without DVCC control through the GX)

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Thank you for your helpfull answer. I testet it. I can charge the battery from a small generator with the second Multiplus-II.

My settings are :

Absorbtion voltage 51V

Float voltage 50V

AC input current limit 2A

Are the settings OK?

What would happen if I connect the Multiplus-II (ESS) with ve.bus and the second Multiplus-II (Generator) with Mk3-USB to the Venus Gx?

In this case, would DVCC work for the second Multiplus-II?

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