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OFF Grid with BYD and Quattro - Generator disconnecting

HI < I have the following installed and working ok until a recent shift in the weather so needed the generator,

1 x 10KW Quattry with 433 firmware updaed

Color GX with V2,23

2 x MPPT 150/100 with V1,39 ( 24 x 250Watt modules)

BYD Box 10 x 2 with V4.17

Good quality 1500RPM 15KVA Generator with very stable 231V output and 51HZ no reaction to loads( IE no slowing etc)

System has been working fantastically well under quite heavy loads until called for generator,

The system starts generator ok on demand at an SOC of 20%, and runs up genny ok, then connects to the Quattro input and goes through the normal sequence, starts bulk charge, after a few mins ( even as much as 15 mins) all seems normal, then for no apparent reason the AC input is dropped by the inverter, and the system reverts to invert, after a few minutes the AC in accepts input and goes to passthrough and then Bulk, and again after a few mins drops the AC input, and so it goes on,l imit inverter off,

On system Setup,

Battermonitor automatic, Sync VE BUS SOC On,/use solar charger current to improve Bus VE SOC on, Solar charger voltage control On, Solar charger current control on,Has DC System off, DVCC On, , SVS Off, STS On, Limit charge current On, BMS control On

Generator start stop, on Auto, SOC< Battery voltage and Load atr 5KW,

any ideas as to why the Inverter keeps dropping AC would be helpful, or if I have any setting incorrect or not activated please advise,


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You'll need to look into the numbers to get an idea what's wrong, like:

-AC-in voltage

-AC-in current

-AC-in frequency
And many other things can be hints, if you're not familiar with the equipment (and for warranty reasons) I'd first ask the installer to get things sorted.

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Very familiar with Victron ( and other equipments) but less so with the BYD Box setup, the situation is very similar to others I have had and usually down to generator V or Hz moving under load, but this is a very stable and reliable quality generator (Himoinsa) and well within the loading capacity, and have monitored both V and HZ and they seem to be rock steady, , There appears to be no abnormal loads, voltages etc showing, I have also moved the charge and input max down to limit load and this appears to make no difference,

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You'll have to share information to help you solve this...

Did you look at the bms parameters when this happens? Maybe the battery lowers the current limit?

If I were to solve this I'd look at all settings in the Quattro, Venus, etc. then also at all the graphs in VRM

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Mike,

Have a peruse of the this generator troubleshooting document:

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Hi Guy, , good information, I think I have located the issue, in the LOM setting, will try today and advise, , However need the Password please Email, (the one I had doesn't allow access, thanks,

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HI Guy and Boekel, have complerted a throrough check of all wiring, the VE config as been double checked against the Victron Set up notes and all ok, , I have a video showing it but wont seem to upload direct here so I have put into Onedrive here!AiJpoJZtKUvGqwcDUdQ2RGqhMi2Q

With the Battery % at only 35% it also seems to me to be a low charge rate, ( well within generator capability), Other than this problem the system is working very well ,

I have also included a PDF that shows the generator input Volts and Amps, and it shows the Volts as very stable but amps fluctuating,

I have checked through al voltages and conditions and nothing is flaggingup as extraordinary or not set as per Victron Manual, All equipments are well within operational windows,


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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ commented ·

Hi @Mike48t

As asked before:
-Did you look at the bms parameters when this happens?

I don't know if it's normal the battery info updates as slow as it does in the video (might be normal for BYD?) but i suspect the battery BMS is causing this behavior.

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Troubleshooting, so looking for what might be the issue:

Some triggers for passthru mode are:

  • When the CCGX is no longer receiving data from the grid meter. Note that this is only for systems that are configured with an external grid meter. For systems without grid meter, see the Settings → ESS → Control without grid-meter setting.

  • Systems with a canbus-connected lithium system only: when the CCGX is no longer receiving information from the battery, via the canbus.

  • When charging the battery is not allowed (BMS max charge current = 0A, or max charge power = 0W) and there is excess PV power.

  • When discharge is not allowed (BMS max discharge current = 0A, or low SOC, etc…) and loads on AC-Out force the Multi/Quattro to exceed the AC input current limit.

For TESTING purposes, Could you try disabling DVCC and see if that has any effect. This should only be done temporarily while we are trying to find the cause, it should be re-enabled once the test is complete. DVCC should also only be disabled during a safe charging range of the batteries, and monitor behaviour closely.

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Willem van Schalkwyk answered ·

Dear Mike,

Did you manage to resolve your generator issue? I have exactly the same problem with a 5kVA Quattro, Pylontech battery and 10kVA Bundu generator.

Please offer information on how/if you resolved your issue.


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