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Lynx 1000 Ve,Can LED Power was ON now is off with 49 vdc?

I installed new Lynx distributor (As battery Combiner ) on left of a new Lynx Ve.Can 1000 shunt. The right side feeds the single load on the system, an inverter. Upon initial power on of the batteries, the LED in the Lynx started to flash and then settled down to steady green as expected. (It also powered on lights in Distributor, after hooking up J10 cable supplied)

. I connected the VE.Can port of the shunt to the VE.Can port on a Venus GX with terminators on both ends of the J45 cable connection. The Venus GX did not see the device, first checking with VRM. then directly connected using remote console on the Venus GX via a LAN port. I started checking and saw no vrm ID was listed on the VRM WEB PAGE!. I checked on the Can Port services,(on the Venuis Gx remote console) and correct protocl is there, but the "sub-menu" of devices did not show the Lynx Shut? The Lynx Shunt did initially show up on vrm site, but no longer shows up! I have not seen the shunt show up a device using remote console on Venius Gx?

I assumed a defective Lynx Shut, so I ordered and installed new one. Same sequence of events, Upon initial power up the Led flashed for a bit then it was steady green. Venus GX still dit not see the Shunt after about 1/2 hour the power LED was off. There is 48+ DC voltage across the buss bars inside the Shunt case and feeding the Inverter on the load side.

No fuses have tripped and the Lynx Shunt no longer is providing power over J10 interconnect cable to Lynx Distributor?

Any suggestions of why two failures after first power up of Lynx Shunts?

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