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what do i need to change to add another battery to the system?

***I've rerun all cables and done new connections since these photos using 3mm2 cable. i will be replacing that with 6mm2 cable when it gets here and im adding 50amp fuses on both sides.***

i have 1x 100ah battery here one in the box and 2 on the way. i was wondering what i need to do and change to add the other batteries into the system. i have a 100/50 charge controller and im mounting it all in a water proof boxes

side note i've been unable to upload images so im using an imgur album to put up photos

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also has anyone used a usb cable over usb utp? something like this it converts usb to rj45 then back to usp. my controller is 50m from my pc and i'm sick of having to be within 5m of it to use bluetooth on my phone.

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When you add the extra batteries, and string them all together, make sure to connect the system positive and the system negative at opposite ends of the string, not at the same end.

Something like this:

Those USB over UTP adaptors are hit and miss. They might work, they might not.
Electromagnetic noise in the environment coupled with cable length affect their operation too.

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A further refinement to that:

Take care with the wire sizing around the batts too. For diy there's this too:

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Ah, that Smartguage link is the one I was looking for. You've posted it before, but I couldn't find the thread.

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