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Battery monitoring with smart battery sense and smart shunt

Is it possible to monitor mid point voltage, temperature and battery voltage using a smart battery sense and smart shunt on the same ve network?

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sure, you can have more than one sensor on the network.

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The limitation being that they are connected to one battery or battery bank.

See limitations.

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This applies only to the Bluetooth network, not to wired sensors. You can have several shunts via Ve.Direct connected to the Victron network via Cerbo and the other VenusOS devices, one battery shunt is the system master for the installation, but you can have individual shunts on your other gear, including batteries for measurent the partial currents, mid points or temperatures. You can use the shunts to monitor currents and voltages from other sources (fuel cell, alternators, non-Victron chargers, dedicated loads etc.) all reporting to the Victron System and into VRM. I understood VE network as a summ of all available communication protocols (Ve.Direct, Ve.Bus, Ve.CAN, Modbus, TCP/IP, BT,...) As the shunts support Ve.Direct, Ve.CAN and BT there are plenty of options to talk to the VE network.

You can use Smart battery sense only for the battery Voltage and temperature transmission via BT to the MPPT controllers, while the Shunt measures current, midpoint and Battery voltage, that is reported to the Cerbo via Ve.Direct.

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