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EM24 stopped sending data after lightning

I've an EM24 feeding a GX Color Control and a Multiplus charging some batteries. We had a dreadful thunderstorm a few weeks back after which the GX hasn't got any information from the EM24 which is acting as a Grid Meter. The Red/green lights are flashing on the USB connector on the Color Control. I suspect that maybe the EM24 has freaked and maybe its settings have changed. I've tried changing the Modbus address to 2 and 30 (the lowest on the GX). I've also been poking around the menus on the EM24 and noticed it's set to Applicat Type H which looks a bit odd but I can't work out what it should be. I've seen the manual but don't really understand/know what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

Edited to add that one reason I'm suspicious of the EM24 is that it seems to think we're running 166 Volts - see picture.


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