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EM 24 on 3 phase supply 100 amp + per phase 150 meters away from MultiPlus 24/5000 and CCGX

Hi guys

I was directed to this forum by Victron dealer for my query to be answered

I need to confirm if EM 24 will work in our set up as expected
We currently run MultiPlus 24/5000
with 24volt 920 amp traction battery on CCGX to power the house
House supply is temporary abounded but there is a private 3phase cable 150 meter long from industrial building to the house
House is connected to L1 ( PV from L1 on input side of the Multi)
Industrial building has 80 kw PV on the roof together with 3 SMA inverters 50, 20 and 10 kw
Most of the PV power is exported to the grid

So in the day time there is ample of power to cover all the loads in the industrial building and the house
But charging is only possible by scheduled charging which is not most efficient
Can we install EM 24 in the industrial
building 150 meters away from the house (MultiPlus CCGX and battery) on current transformers as the connection is over 100 amp per phase
There is also Ethernet connection
Between house and industrial building and CCGX can see and display all SMA inverters but can’t
Use this information for efficient charging
Can CCGX see the EM 24 in current set up as it see SMA inverters and
Use this information to utilise only available PV for loads and charging in ESS
Can it work with ct’s ?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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