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Configuration with VE Config (3phase Quattro 2)

Hi @ all

Maybe this question is obvious, but not so much for me.
It seems that some configurations can only be made (like Assistants) with MK2/3 USB interface directly from the PC with VictronVE Config. However my entire house runs over the system. Does that mean I have to power down everything in case I want to change the config? Or can I just unplug the VE Bus from the Cerbo and can do everything while the system keeps going (maybe switched to Passthrough for the time being)? How does the procedure go normally?

I want to check how AC-2-out is connfigured. I have ESS mode so I would think when Power on AC-in goes away, that AC-2-out is dropped. However I want to have a way to "force" the system to power AC-2-out again if I want to (I guess the AC2-out relay somehow is controllable - but how?).

PS: Is there a modbus register I can read to figure out that "Mains" went away?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Sesshoumaru

If you have PC access to VRM you could use RemoteVEConfigure. Doesn't require any cabling changes, just the normal setup..

Note that some changes require a Quattro reboot, but that will happen (automatically) whatever way you do it.

ACOut2 can be forced with the Programmable Relay Assistant. I think Assistants are one of the things that require a reboot, but you could set up something, even a manual switch, to do that at will.

I can't help with the modbus stuff.

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Nice thats possible without cabeling. I guess that would also work without the cloud services - I don't know why everybody is so hot about offering cloud but no local solutions these days.

I had the hope I can trigger the "re-connection" of AC-2-out relais somehow in the UI and that I do not have to put two wires togather somewere on the basement, though.

PS: Found it... Grid Lost Alarm (Modbus Register 64, Unit 100)...0=Ok; 2=Alarm

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