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Easy solar, solar dump, programmable relay

Feel a fool for asking such a simple question. Easysolar 3kw 24v system. I'm trying to use the programmable relay to initiate a solar dump. (I'm on a boat, dump will be immersion heater) Ive dedicated one AC out to the heater. There is an external relay in that circuit (solid state, 24v dc controlled, 240v contacts) which I'm trying to control with the on board programmable relay, by setting it to close when the battery is in float/storage state. I have a voltage controller to limit the demand of the immersion element (normally 1kw, but can adjust accordingly) This is where it gets tricky for me. I am led to believe the programmable relay is on the top right of the pcb. And is by default the alarm relay. I have fed this relay with 24v+dc into both NC and NO (com out to one terminal on the external relay. (Other terminal returns to batt-) If on NC I get no signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. If on NO I get a permanent signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. What am I missing? This should be such a simple task?

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