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How to physically connect wires to BMV-712 configurable relay NO and COM points on back of device

I have a security system on my motorhome that will remote start the engine and run it for 20 mins and repeat that 3 times. The method to trigger the remote start is to ground the remote start input on the security system.

I have run a ground wire to connect to the COM and second wire to connect from the NO to the input of the remote start and understand how to set the relay. However, it is not intuitively obvious how to physically connect the two wires to the connector on the back of the BMV-712. The body of the connector with the NC, COM and NO points are green and I can see metal in each hole. In addition there is an orange plastic tab on the side of each hole. I have gently poked a wire in to attempt install and also used a tool to attempt to move the orange tab without success.

For most connections of this type, I insert the wire and tighten down a screw to lock the wire in place.

I am sure there is a simple method to install and remove a wire from the connector. I would rather know the method then experiment and possibly break the connector.

I have not found any documentation in the manual or on the web that explains how the connector operates.

I thank you in advance for your kind guidance.


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That sounds like a screwless connector - the orange tab/lever either lifts up or pushes down (it requires a little force against the contact spring) and in doing so, releases the contact spring, allowing the bare wire end to be fully inserted into the hole. Releasing the lever/tab allows the contact spring to return, grabbing onto the bare wire end. If you look into the hole as you operate the tab, you should see the hole opening up, and closing on release. Wire removal procedure is the opposite of that for insertion. I haven't seen it, but this is what it sounds like from your description.

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I tried inserting the wire from an unfolded paper clip and the mechanism inside the connector held the paper clip wire. I then pressed on the orange tab and it released the friction and I could remove the paper clip. Originally I was using a wire that would fit the hole in the connector but was a little too large for the mechanism to hold the wire. The back of the BMV-712 is in an ackward place to access and hard to see the connector mechanism. Thank you for your comment and you are correct in the operation.

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