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Venus GX Suddenly Unreachable on Local Network

After working for about 3 months, today my Venus GX was suddenly unavailable. It was still reporting to VRM. I couldn't reach the Venus from any computer or phone on my local network using the venus.local shortcut. All of them complained about "Server not found". Trying to access the Venus directly by its IP address, *most* of the time I couldn't connect to it but one out of ten tries I'd get a box drawn on the screen that said "Remote Console" and nothing else. Using the Victron Connect app on my iPhone, I could connect to the Venus via bluetooth and then access the remote console successfully from the app. I could also successfully access the remote console via the VRM website. I rebooted the Venus and nothing changed. I updated the Venus' firmware, updated setuphelper, and updated guimods and then rebooted the Venus at the same time I rebooted the router and my laptop and phone. After that, I can access the Venus reliably from the local network using its IP address but the venus.local shortcut still doesn't work. Other devices that allow the .local shortcuts still work properly (can get to my NAS via nas.local, etc). Only the Venus is having trouble.

Any idea why the whole thing broke to begin with and why I can't access it by venus.local now?

Venus OSTCP IP Networking
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I guess this is all about network problems. In general this is either naming (which should be solved by using correct IP) or somehow there is IP-address conflict. Is the Venus and other devices set up by using DHCP or is it using fixed IP? If all of them is using DHCP, then IP-conflict should not be a problem. If possible, shut down every device, and turn them on one by one with the router first. Be aware - I have seen that the IP-address shown in the VRM take some time to update.

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