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Automatic transfer switch

I want to add an AC sensing automatic transfer switch to manage the Main AC IN/Inverter AC OUT of the Multiplus II in order to take full advantage of ESS.

I noticed the VE Transfer Switch is meant for 220/230VAC. I'm using 120V AC in and Out. Can the victron transfer switch be used for 120 50A.

If not, what do people recommend. Preferably, I want to be able to carry 50A on a single 120 leg (wire cross-section appropriate.)

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What are you transferring between?

Is something like this what you are looking for?

And the transfer switch most likely wont work (not that I have used one personally) as the contactor coil voltage will most likely be for a 230v circuit.

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Essentially, when AC main is detected, I want ACIN to the inverter off. When AC main is not present, I want the inverter ACOUT to feed the service panel, but dont want to backfeed the grid with AC mains present.

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I wasn't clear... In essence, Im trying to understand if the Multi, using ESS will recognize if GRID AC is present and not feed AC OUT in such case as I do not want to intentionally backfeed the GRID AC unless GRID AC is not present (no grid power.) Since I am feeding the Multi from the same service panel I am sending AC OUT from the multi to, I don't want to manually have to turn off the Main Grid AC at the breaker every-time the grid fails. Therefore, I am wondering if I need a transfer switch to detect when Grid AC is gone and then allow Inverter AC to enter the panel. Make sense?
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