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Filax Switch Hz selection


Just wondering if anyone would be able to help with a quick technical question or point me in the right direction.

I’ve just purchased a Victron Filax 2 automatic transfer switch. In Australia we run at 50Hz, however I’m finding the selection between 50Hz and 60Hz a little confusing in the Filax 2 manual from the website.

I’ve attached the relevant page here - Filax 2 - 50Hz to 60Hz selection.pdf.

The first point appears to make sense, suggesting if the frequency is 50Hz remove the jumper or place it on one pin. Also, that this is the default position from the factory, which all makes sense. The second point then states if the frequency is 60Hz place the jumper on both pins, again this all make sense.

However, the images below then go on to show two images with captions (Jumper placed = 50Hz ……………….. Jumper not placed = 60Hz) which I read as being the opposite to the two initial points above.

I may well have missed something so hoping someone can help me out.

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