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"Battery temperature too high" setting for MPPT?


Device: Solar Charger; Triggered by: Automatic monitoring; Description: Error code: #1 - Battery temperature too high

Error received and MPPT shut down when battery temp hits 50°C as reported by SBS. Where is that setting? I can't find it in MPPT, CCGX or SBS.

System consisting of:

  • MPPT 250/100
  • Quattro 48/5000 120V w/temp sensor
  • 4S2P Trojan T-1275 FLA
  • CCGX
  • BMV-702 w/temp sensor (shared current/voltage sense)
  • SBS (VE.Smart with MPPT)



A remote installation suffered from battery neglect. 4S 2P 12V for 48V system voltage: one string of 4S 12V was experiencing very high temperatures under moderate charging with substantial electrolyte loss. SBS is on one battery in this string, but BMV was shared temp sense on the healthy string, so temp comp and alarms were based on the healthy string. During troubleshooting and testing, ailing string was observed to be... 64°C. Confirmed with IR thermometer.

Bank replacement is planned, but "limped" minimal use is needed for a few more weeks. Current and absorption voltage reduced to better manage temperature. Extended absorption phase to compensate for lower absorption voltage.

Sample simultaneous readings:

  • SBS on side of Battery 1: 38°C
  • BMV-702 on Battery 1, (+) post: 33°C
  • Quattro on Battery 4, (-) post: 27°C

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