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UPS functionality (split phase system)

Hi, I'm about to purchase a Sol-Ark 12k (4800w per leg) because of the all-in-one easy setup and Im certain it will resolved my situation. A friend stop me and suggested Victron because the Sol-Ark includes many features that I wont be using and will be paying extra for them.

I'm looking to have UPS functionality when the grid goes down for at least 24 hrs. I will use Homegrid 19.2 kWh stackable batteries that will be charged with the grid. Its for an apartment. No solar panels. I need 48v system for 120/240 with split phase power. Grid passthru is a must. Just one inverter. Im avoiding installing inverters in parallel because of a higher idle consumption and no solar power to compensate. The Sol-ark consumes 60w in idle. If any member could help will be greatly appreciated!

the loads in an outage:

  • refrigerator (inverter), led lights, wifi router, smart tv 55", cellphone and laptop charging and a mini split inverter a/c 18k btu (220v). The ac will be running for 5 hours or less.

48v batterysplit phaseups
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Depends a bit on your cabling. Ideally splitt to critical and non critical. If have multi p 2 gx 3kw on grid parallel ESS

The multi has one ac in and two ac out one of these is critical load which is powered from bat when grid fails up to rated kw. Switching is seamless,

The other is pass through but not really needed in grid parallel.

The multi es can deliver short term beyond rating to allow motor start,

Works well survived multiple power cuts here in rural Spain.

For example my AC is non critical and so is my water boiler saves on battery and I get away with smaller multi less expense and idle power.

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