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Venus GX and Multiple Smart Solar MPPTs

HI ,I currently have a setup of 2 150/35 Smart solar MPPT controllers and Venus GX.

I also have MP 24/3000 in the setup.

I have enabled DVCC, and currently the MP is acting as the main temp sense source.

If i enable the current limit control , the charge state on the mppts changes to external control, instead of absorption eg.,and the solution operates in a "networked mode"

I have a couple of questions:

In networked mode, where can you read out the charge status ?

What determines the charge state in networked mode?

Is it reccomended to use charge current limitation?

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hello Jgy67,

Unfortunately the charge status of each MPPT is obscured to the CCGX in this mode. You could still read it by accessing the MPPT's independently via the VictronConnect app, or by looking at the LED lights on the front of the MPPT.

The charge state is still individually determined by each of the MPPT's as per their programming. The exception is if there is some other element, such as a CANbus BMS that will take over the charge state. However, they will yield to a charge current limit, it will override their native behaviour in that that charge state, ie bulk is usually maximum current available, that might be limited.

The charge current limitation is a very useful feature. It is recommended to use it when the combined current output of multiple charge sources (MPPT's, Inverter/Charger) could overload the system, yet you want to maintain the maximum potential of each element individually.

For example, if you have flat batteries, and it is a cloudy day. You would start your generator, but then the sun come out. You could get the charge current potential of the generator, combining with the solar and producing enough current to blow a main battery fuse, or damage a battery cell.

Charge current limitation would prevent damage in that situation, but still allow the generator and the solar to each produce as much as they can up to the the safe limit.

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