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Multiplus 2 5kVa 48v GX, issue with AUX1 with CT sensor & ESS - Round 4

So I have been going round in circles with this issue from shortly after I got my Multipllus II GX 5kVa 48v unit. I connected a CT sensor to AUX1 as per the Victron instructions, set the dip switches to 1,2,3, set the CT sensor in the assistant in VE configure 3 as per my arrangement with PV on AC1 out and set it to AUX1, as how I had connected it. All was fine for the few hours before the option to download the Remote VEConfigure files had disappeared from the VRM portal. Found some info about how a firmware update was required, which I did and form that moment ESS stopped working.

After 2 days and 3 posts on this Victron Community page, @Rob Duthie came to may aid and between us, we worked out that it was the sensor was the issue. I has assumed that after the firmware update it had removed all assistants, that stopped the CT sensor form working correctly after the firmware update. I unplugged the CT sensor form the AUX1 and ESS started working again. Brilliant, I thought we knew what the issue is and I'll fix another day.

I ordered another 40A CT sensor assuming the sensor was damaged or I did something to it to prevent it from working correctly, reconnected it to AUX 1 as per the instructions, set up the current sensor in the VE Configure 3 app, uploaded the file and then restarted the system, but again ESS stops working.

Maybe I am missing something but if I have following the instructions to the word, can some one help me and shed some light on why ESS is not working when I connect the 40A Victron CT sensor to either AUX1 or AUX2? Am I doing something wrong?

I have now connected the sensor to AUX2, of which I still have no reading for the PV input as I did before the firmware update but at least ESS is working. Could I potentially have a faulty unit? 2 weeks of having this unit running and a 50% down time, I am quickly losing faith.

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The reason for not not trying AUX 2 previously as first I did not know the issue was with the Multiplus II GX unit and also I had other uses for AUX2 already wired in.

Multiplus-IIESSgx devicectaux
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So now I have the 40A sensor connected to AUX2 and also set up in the VE Config 3 AC Current Sensor Assistant.


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Does anyone one have any info on the correct procedure to test the AUX contacts as I presume I have a faulty unit or do I just send the unit back though the distributor I purchased it form?

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Here is the cause of all my problems. This little tick box has cost me 4 days of my life and a sudden increase in the grey hairs on my head. After the firm ware update, this I assume was added as an option (which I sure as hell did not tick) which in turn stops ESS from inverting as it thinks its a signal to stop. Moved the sensor to AUX2 as I am unable to untick this box without a password. Thanks Victron for the support on this. It would be helpful if better information was available on this and if there is, maybe make it easier to find. Adding that I received the incorrect manual with my Multiplus (the box included a manual for the non GX version) my level of frustration with having to spend days of my life to find the simplest bits of information is becoming a joke. 1652367438096.png

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