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MultiPlus Password ?

From my previous question :-

Reversed UPS on Victron Energy MultiPlus ? - Victron Community

I've looked at the Demo products and found it is possible to do what I want , BUT it looks like even setting the battery type is protected by a password looking it videos .

Is this password just a formality ? if not this product is totally useless and looks like I should get the phoenix inverter or is that password protected too ?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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It is in the manual. To change basic settings and update firmware with Victron Connect is zzz. It does prevent accidental changes.

The only other thing that will need a not shared password for reglation reasons is the grid code setting. But you don't need to set that for basic AC ignore reasons.

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Thank you , that puts my mind to rest .

If I can change all the setting like get it work on life batteries etc , fine by me .

I DON'T WANT IT TO FEED ANY ENERGY TO THE GRID , just use the main for backup power and panic charging .

Didn't see anything in the on-line manual , only the password is for Victron registered installers only

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ peter-3 commented ·
That is for the more complex and ESS setup. As grid codes need to be set and complied with.

First time set does not need a password but changes to the grid standard after that will need the password. This is done in ve configure so a different program altogether.

But all the basics in Victron Connect are accessible to end users. For your set up this is enough.

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