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Lynx Shunt ve.can + Phoenix Inverter ve.bus + CCGX + what else?

My new lynx shunt with ve.can ports is sitting a foot away from my phoenix inverters with their ve.bus ports and quite obviously they cannot communicate with each other. The inverters are connected to a CCGX panel about 50 feet away obviously via ve.bus, and the CCGX's ve.can port is connected to a N2K adatper to feed my main data backbone. I would rather not pull another 50 feet of cable through this boat to bring the shunt's ve.can port up to the CCGX. What are some viable alternatives? The goal is to see the shunt on the CCGX and for the shunt data, along with (already working) inverter data to be forwarded to the N2K bus through the adapter from ve.can

Add a Venus GX (or Cerbo GX) near the inverters and shunt and connect both ve.can and ve.bus to the Venus - will the Venus/Cerbo forward all the data between both networks so the CCGX will see it all?

Add another ve.can-N2K adapter on the shunt's ve.can port - will the CCGX see the shunt data on N2K and bring it in as ve.can?

Save up a lot of money, buy the entire Victron company outright, and put them to work making all their products network compatible without the use of a different unique adapter for every device?



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