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Battery parameters for modeling

I am analyzing a self-consumption photovoltaic system that has two 12 V, 60 Ah deep discharge gel lead acid batteries, connected in series. The reference of these batteries is as follows: BAT412550104.

My idea is to model the behavior of this battery bank in Simulink, from Matlab. However, these batteries do not have defined characteristic curves by the manufacturer (at least that I know), and I believe that they cannot be obtained.

If I do not have the characteristic curves I have to assume the value of most of its parameters such as (according to the simulink lead acid battery model): battery response time, maximum capacity, cut-off voltage, fully charged voltage, rated current, internal resistance, voltage at rated capacity, voltage and exponential capacity.

Could someone give me indications of what values these parameters might take to guide me? The battery bank equivalent would be of a 24 V, 60 Ah battery, where I would guess that the rated current should be 12 A, but I am totally unaware of the value of parameters such as internal resistance.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you very much.

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These are Victron deep ycle AGMs I think.

If the values are not in the doocumentation/datasheet, I think you'll have to either measure them or use values for similar batteries which do have these values published.
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