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trying to understand assistant in off-grid system to consume excess energy >> start airconditioner automatically, even with windows open, cool the planet and fight global warming ;)

I am off-grid and my array is way larger than actually needed on a nice day.
but on these not-so-nice days I am super happy to have this size array and I am planning on further extending it.

So far, because I never got to look into it any further, I have when the batteries were charged turned the air-conditioner, pool-pump, water.heater, dishwasher, washing-machine, microwave oven, ..., on, and set it on a timer.

this manual process I would like to automate now.
I have set up two assistants now in my quattro 10k for testing purposes, and to get the relay to trigger.
> use secondary programmable relay K1
> set relay on (consumers (another relay with more switching capacity) are connected to NO)
> DC voltage (I previously had also selected AC input but the relay didn't trigger) this is an AND condition not an OR condition. that is not clear in the software and should be select-able there, or at least the condition should be mentioned AND/OR or explained.

> DC voltage higher than 57.70V for more than 3600 seconds (57.80V is my absorption voltage of the solar charger)

then I installed a second assistant:
> programmable relay K1
> set off
> DC voltage
> extra drive options (in case of a general system failure) [but is this now an AND condition or an OR condition, it was an AND condition on the previous page where you can select DC voltage AND AC input??????
> DC input lower than 53.2V for more than 120s (53.3V is my float setting from the solar charger)

so I guess I have to add another assistant now the same relay K1, for when AC input is present and AC input is not present?

and then another assistand for general failure to dis-engage the relay?

how does the order have to be, does the assistand wait after condition 1 has been triggered for the 2nd one to be triggered before going to option 3?

or is it constantly scanning the remaining not-met conditions?

thank you guys a lot for bringing light into the dark ...

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You might need to provide more details about your system to get a good advice.

I have AC coupled off-grid system and use "PV inverter support" assistant to handle extra energy. Assistant increases frequency in the grid and solar grid-inverted reduces power generation in response (up to a complete stop). No need to switch on any extra load to consume extra load.

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