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Virtual Switch (ignore AC) and charging time restriction (schedule) - Possible ?

Good day all. I have a specific requirement for which Victron might have the solution but maybe i have no cross-figured it yet.

Component of installation:

- 1x Quattro 48/10000

- 2x Smartsolar 150/60

- 7x Pylontech US3000 (total: 24.8kWh)

- 1 Cerbo GX

The grid is awfull in terms of voltage (180v to 230V max). Allowing grid in daytime is not comfortable since the Quattro does not double conversion.
During daytime, we reach a maximum of 210V.
Between 00:00 and 05:00am, we can have about 220V-230V. Charging in this time period is the best and is wanted.

When the day is sunny, no issue at all. Batteries are charged around 95% for the night.
When sun is not good, we lose about 10-15% daily. Grid input becomes necessary at a certain SOC.
I use VS to allow the grid to enter when my SOC is below 25% (security). That is accetable at any time to avoid power shortage.

But now, i would like to tell the system that IF SOC<50% AND 00:00<actualtime<05:00, then go ahead to charge batteries from AC source until we reach a certain battery voltage.
IF AND ONLY IF time is between 00:00 and 05:00am.

I know that ESS has the schedule option.
Also, small energy backfeed to grid is not an issue here.
But i was told that due to Loss Of Main option, ESS won't work with unstable grid voltage and frequency. So i am stuck with a simple Virtual Switch without schedule.

Anyone can give a hint/help/indication on how to tackle the issue.

Thanks and best regards.

ESSvirtual switch
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There is a similar function to Virtual switch - it is known as AC ignore using the grid as a generator. You then don't need a grid code. is some creative ways to override the AC ignore as well. Yes ESS does do what you want but with unstable grid it can be an issue, have the same deal here.

There was a thread or article somewhere using the generator programing on the GX device for setting up charging at certain times using the relay to the aux on the inverter. Might have been this one.

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Hi @Alexandra

We tested the last solution here and worked perfectly. Overriding the AC input on demand by using the AC relay 1 of the Cerbo and connecting to AUX1 of the Quattro.

One point to be noted: the quiet hours time will work if and only if certain conditions are applied. We tested the relay without condition and nothing happened. So for those interested in the same method, conditions are compulsory.

Thank you very much @Alexandra, this is a very original method of getting AC start/stop during a certain time with SOC signal and mixed with programmable relays, it fits a wide range of demand.

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klandos answered ·

You Could also dont use ess but change the mode of the quattro from “on” to “inverter only” depending on SoC / time.

You also gain the power assist feature that is not directly available when using ess.

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zl2fae answered ·

I am keen on this capability but without the rest of ESS and permanent grid connect hooks.

Enhance VS!

Charge ing battery from mains between xx and yyy time feature should be (combined with SOC rules too would be nice) in the Virtual Switch. Otherwise it's back to writing code on a Pi....

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If you install the large firmware this can all be done using NodeRed. That seems to be the plan for these types of requests.

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There's also the option of using Assistants rather than VS. Some clues here to incorporate time-based functionality..

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Thanks John. I tried them... not much chop. Have to provision more kit anyway as the inbuilt MultiPlus II GX does not pick up the Generator Test Function. The assistants seem to cause the MultiPlus some grief. Loosing contact twice a day now and having to go onsite to reboot locally so will be rolling back out the assistants shortly.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ zl2fae commented ·

I'm unfamiliar with the Multi2GX, but I'd imagine you'd need to hardwire the AUX Relay to AUX Input 1 (say), for the Multi's Assistants to see the GX output.

Assistants shouldn't affect connectivity at all. This may be a separate issue with the GX.

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