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New Venus in VRM - kept old data but no connection

i just replaced a VENUS in the VRM.
All straight forward.
Added the new VENUS as a new installation.
Went to the old installation and swapped the gateway (VENUS) for the new one.

All data is still there and it had a connection (last updated changed from "23 days ago" to "1 minute ago".
But now it keeps counting up, so no connection anymore.

When i install the new VENUS again (new installation) i can see it and as well access it through the "remote console" option in the browser, so the device is online and working.
But back in the old installation it keeps counting the "last seen"...

When i try to change the old installation again to the new venus it shows me a message "Did you already change it?" so i can´t repeat what i already did.

By the way: The VRM Portal ID of the old installation changed to "xxxxxx - USEDASREPLACEMENT"

What is going on here please?

Venus GX - VGX
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@Matthias Lange - DE

Could you please have a thought on this..?

Much appreciated

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