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Difference between standard OS and OS large with node-red


I have a ESS system with 3xMulti II 5k , Can-bus Battery (BMS with CAN comm. is my own development), SmartSolar MPPT RS and AC Inverters

Cerbo with os large image node-red

My problems is that the system is not automatical regulating the excess power from the Multiplus and Smartsolar (everything is working fine without the node-red image)!!!

With the standard OS image the Multiplus are regulating the charge power down if the voltage or the cell-voltages are over the limits.

But with the os large image 2.82 large30 I need to connect in node-red the "CAN-BUS bms battery current charge limit CCL" with the "ESS system current charge limit" to control the multiplus charge current depending on the can-bms.

But the smartsolar mppt rs is still ignoring the CCL setting, to get this working i would need to connect the batteryy voltage with the charge voltage limit in the DVCC menu but for this I cannot find a node in NODE-RED!!!

Hopefully someone can help me.



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