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Is non-smart Orion configurable for lithium batteries? What is meant by "not replaceable" fuse?

I am considering the use of a DC-DC charger that would allow me to charge two Battle Born 100AH lithium batteries from the hitch connections on my tow vehicle. I have a couple of questions.

1) I could potentially use the "non-smart" Orion, but I would need to set the potentiometer so that the voltage from 12.2V to 14.2V. Can I do this? I gather that there is only one stage, so that I would not be able to set a float voltage... correct? Would I need to shut off the DC-DC converter after two or three hours to make sure that I did not overcharge the batteries?

2) Can I use a Smart Orion with bluetooth to configure the absorption voltage, float voltage, and the absorption time limit? I would enable the device through my ignition switch. Would the absorption time limit get set back to zero each time I took the keys out of my truck? I have two small dogs and they require alot of rest breaks. I would hate to think that I'd be overcharging my batteries because we took too many rest stops!

3) The user manual for the "non-smart" Orion says that it has an "internal input fuse" that is "not replaceable". This doesn't sound like a feature... what good is a fuse that isn't replaceable? I would plan to put fuses or breakers on either side of the Orion, but the non-smart Orion does not mention anything about fuses (or amperage values) other than this non-replaceable one. If I were to use the non-Smart Orion, should I use the fuses mentioned in the Smart Orion manual?

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The non smart Orions have a rotary adjustment of output voltage. Needs a slim screwdriver and voltmeter. Make sure you install with sufficient clearance. But I think there are no charging profiles. Certainly on mine it's a simple voltage converter. Not really a good idea for lithium. There iare terminals provided for an external on/off switch. As supplied these are bridged and always on. I use mine to drop the 24V house bank to feed the 12V systems in my camper.

Smart Orions. Yes. Not sure how the absorption reset decides what it will do. If you install vuctron connect app, go into demo library, you'll be able to select the smart Orion and simulate configuration. All the settings are there.

Fuses are to protect wiring and external equipment. If the internal fuse blows, chances are the Orion is broken, so must be checked by a proper repair centre. It won't fail under normal use. Putting a fuse in the input feed can't do any harm, but the feed to the caravan should be fused in the car already. Just check fuse sizes and what the existing wiring is rated for. Even running 10Amps at 12V will generate significant heat and voltage drop if the wires are undersized.

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