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Feature Request: Smart BatteryProtect

I use a Smart BatteryProtect to control the charging of a high amperage charger to my battery bank.

It would be really useful to have a mode to disconnect the Smart BatteryProtect when my battery bank is at max soc (14.4v) and to connect it again whenever the battery is at a predefined voltage say for example 13v. That way my battery doesn’t stay floated at max soc

This wouldn’t be hard to implement. The only thing that would need to be changed in the app is to allow the “Shut down” voltage setting to be higher than the “Restart” voltage setting.

so for example I could enter 14.4v in the “Shutdown” setting and 13v in the “Restart” setting.

I figured that the reason this feature isn’t currently implemented could be that it would be confusing to a user.

This could be remedied by having a dialogue box pop up the this VictronConnect app whenever a user sets the shutdown voltage higher than the restart voltage.

Or to add an extra mode for this feature in the mode select dropdown. It could be named “external charger control”.

Battery Protectfeature request
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