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Victron legacy Solar with Quattro and Cerbo GX

We have a new installation on our yacht. It consists briefly of a Quattro 12v 5000W inverter this is connected to Cerbo GX with a colour display. We also have a solar array which is connected to a Smart Solar 150 | 60 MC4 MPPT which I turn is connected by VE-Direct to the Cerbo GX so we can see the PV array output. We also have a 500A shunt connected to the BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor which is also VE-Direct connected to the Cerbo GX. The system is all connected to a 600AH Lifepo4 battery bank with a REC-ABMS, a Victron Smart Battery Protect, a Victron 30A DC - DC between the engine alternator and the Lifepo4 bank. We also have a shore power connection to the Quattro and a Dolphin M6, 6kva, genset connected (but not curently on automatic start, anouther problem as the Cerbo GX only has a NO relay to control the automatic start stop function)
My question is regarding our original small flexible solar panels. These are connected to a BlueSolar PWM Pro 12v controller, it’s the SCC010020110, I’ve connected the output to the Lifepo4 battery bank but have no idea about the output into the battery’. Is there any way of connecting this so we see the output on the Cerbo GX or something else ? It has an RJ45 connector but the manual,only mansions a remote panel as something to connect to it ?

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Connect through the BMV load/charge side of the shunt, not direcly to the battery, then it will keep track of the charge going into the battery. It will be added to the total charge of the system. The PWM was not designed to have comms with a bigger system like the mppts.

And on the generator stide what signal do you need? One start and then one pulse to stop?

There are quite a few relays on the inverter that can work generator signals that can be used on the quattro and other parts of the system including the bmv.

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Please see my reply
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be9dfdbb-5057-4fec-9f17-8322ffcad06d.jpegThanks for your reply. The Generator needs a relay to close to start the generator then once running disconnect this relay. Then it needs a rely to close to stop the generator and this return to normally open once the generator stops. The control box also has a function where you hold start and stop to put the preheat on but I’m not sure if we need this yet. Top schematic is the control box then bottom schematic is the generator wiring.

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