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Strange GUI Mods issue

I am my own worst enemy. I updated my RPi to 2.8. I installed GUI mods, and connected Ruuvi sensors. All went easy. Then in a crappy wifi situation on Remote Console, I clicked multiple times on the "A/C in" tile to see the secondary info, as nothing was happening when I clicked. Then it appeared all of the clicks executed at once. And what ever that combo of clicks was, deleted the "A/C in" tile altogether. I have been through every combo of settings in the GUI, I can't get the tile back. Any help?


Venus OSRaspberry Pi
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The AC input tile is visible if the detected inverter is a Multi or Quatro (a VE.Bus inverter/charger). No clicks you do in the GUI would make that tile disappear.

The Multi tile is also showing a condition where there is no inverter detected.

I'd reboot the GX device and see if things come back. If not, check to see of there is a Multi/Quatro listed in the device list. If not, you may need to reboot the Multi/Quatro.

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The tile was there and functioning, and now its not, after the multiple click episode. The RPi has been rebooted. No change. A multi is not connected yet... That is my next purchase so that is why you see what you see. I would like the tile back before I buy the Multi
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What you currently see is as I designed it. That is, if you don't have a Multi/Quatro, the AC Input tile won't be visible. This behavior accommodates systems with an inverter (not an inverter/charger).

I can't explain why you saw an AC Input tile with no inverter/charger connected.

In the stock flow overview, the AC input tile is always present and would be blank if there's no Multi.

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Ok, maybe I am freaking out for nothing. I can go back to the stock flow and see the tile. But the new mod is dabomb(dot)com so I certainly want to keep it. I'll get the multi installed and go from there

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