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Shunts and colour control

Hi all.

I have a colour control with 2 blue solar mppt attached. Also I have an older BMV 501 battery monitor. My question is ' if I change the shunt to a newer micro controlled shunt with out the monitor can the information be accessed by my colour control?

And will my old 501 still function as before.

Many thanks to all as usual

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What do you mean by a Microcontrolled Shunt? That sounds quite interesting, have you got a link to one?
A shunt with the microcontroller built in which outputs data is unlikely to work directly with the CCGX. You may be able to modify the VenusOS to read this data, but you'd be on your own mission there.
It's possible to fit more than one PCB to a shunt so that your BMV could work in conjunction with something else measuring over the shunt.

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No the 'controller' part is in the 'clock' part of the BMV setup.

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Chris avatar image Chris commented ·

Do you know off a way to monitor the batteries but without the clock part?

I do not need the external parts 'ie the clock. I just want to add battery monitoring to my Venus setup.

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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ Chris commented ·

yes but it's a lot more expensive (I never used it myself)

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Chris avatar image Chris boekel ♦ commented ·

Thank you. That makes sense. Do you happen to to know if the AC sensors will talk to my Venus setup so I can view power usage? I have 2 victron multiplus but are on a older system board so I can not view any data with my Venus .

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