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ESS system allowed EnFluRi sensor - connection to Belgium grid (Synergrid)

I’m in the planning phase of a new installation and have a question about local regulations (Belgium) regarding allowed EnFluRi-sensors for the ESS system.

The system I’m planning would be a 3-phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus-II 3000VA (3-phase setup) and a cerbo GX as the control unit.

It would be parallel connected to the grid (AC-in), so an external current or energy measurement is needed for the ESS functionality.

According to the following article (a Victron distributor):

And according to the homologation list C10/26 (

It would seem an external energy meter, like an EM24, would not be allowed as the enfluri sensor, and only the “Current Transformer for Multiplus II” can be used.

I have the following questions, that I can’t get verified in the manuals I’ve found:

- Is it as simple as connecting the current transformer on each phase to the MP on that phase? Does this work correct in a 3 phase setup?

- If the settings on the GX are set to “no external energy meter”, does it look at the current measurements on the MP on each phase?

- Does the phase compensation behavior work in the same way as if an external energy meter would be installed?

And the final question (but only answerable by those knowledgable about Synergrid guidelines and certificates, or Victron staff):

- Is the article above correct in stating an EM24 cannot be used as EnFluRi sensor in a 3 phase victron Multiplus setup, connected to the Belgium grid?
(I find it odd as in the C10/26 list, the EM24 is allowed for another inverter but it could have something to do with certificates applying for a certain configuration, and not for the separate parts).

Multiplus-IIESScerbo gx
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I wondered if, in the mean time, you did get an answer to your questions.

If so would you like to share your knowledge?

Thanks in advance

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I have exactly this setup installed in Belgium and yes it works excellent with a 3 phase installation with phase compensation. You do need 3 current sensors, each attached to their assigned multi's and obviously measuring the correct phase.


With the current sensor, the multis react fast, there are barely seconds for a load to be compensated. With an external meter, it can take time, as in between 15 and 30 seconds, not efficient for quick load shifts.


The distance between the multi and the grid meter is limited. Otherwise i would have installed the ESS system in a garage further away from the house.

Another disadvantage is that on VRM or the console, the current flow map does not show the difference between AC-out and AC-in, as the current sensor replaces the internal sensor inside the multi, it is not a separate reading, everything shows like it would be on AC-out.

As for your last question, i have no idea why the external meter is not allowed anymore. I can only assume that the current sensor is a more redundant system with less possible points of failure, and/or yes it reacts faster.

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