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Do I have a problem with GX inside my EasySolar-II GX?

At the end of December 2021 my ES-II GX stopped receiving data from internal MPPT 250/70.

After pressing GX reset switch communication came back.

I noticed that problem after 3 days only because GX was reporting over 1kW production from MPPT 250/70 when Sun was setting. The reading was frozen.

In my system I also have MPPT 150/35 connected to GX, and this one did not have a communication problem.


8 days later I got VE.bus error #17 when grid failed. Unit that stopped communicating with its slave was EasySolar-II GX since it was a master on L1 phase.

I replaced RJ45 cable between master and slave in that phase.

3 hour later this error happened again in the same phase when grid failed.

It cannot be a fuse since there is common fuse for master and slave in each phase.

This time I did not touch anything and only turned all 6 units off and on.

System started operating normally.

9 days later, again on grid failure, VE.bus error #17 happened again.

Like before, without touching anything restart of all units fixed the problem.

It is very frustrating since when this error happens, my house is in the dark.

On the Victron information page error code #17 at the end is information that:

Recovery: auto-restart once the error is gone. 

How to interpret this statement?

To me it looks like that if a cable is at fault, its replacement is enough and no restart is necessary.

Same with the fuse. If fuse is at fault, its replacement is enough and no restart is necessary.

But if GX unit is at fault, because its communication is frozen (like with the MPPT 250/70), the GX unit needs to be restarted. Turning all 6 units does just that because one of those 6 is the ES-II GX.

Any suggestions?

More info on this error #17 and my system you can find in this topic:

EasySolar All-in-Onegx device
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