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Nice to have: Wind turbine inverter (ABB UNO) as "Generator" in VRM

Is it possible to list an inverter, which is connected via sunspec-protocol, as "generator" in VRM online?

I have an ABB Uno for my wind turbine. The inverter is connected via the sunpec-protocol to the Venus-GX. The yield of this inverter is counted as "PV-Inverter" like the Fronius Symo. Both (Fronius and ABB) are electrically connected on the AC-IN-Side of the Multiplus2.

On the dashboard i can see PV-yield at night.

I know that i can see the yield of the ABB on the advanced-dashboard. But it would be really nice to see the yield of this inverter in the "generator" (or even better: wind-generator) box in vrm online.

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