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Quattro SoC calculation never goes above 86%


I have a a system with a quattro inverter and a BlueSolar mppt.

The BlueSolar is connected to the Cerbo via a VE.Direct cable.
The Quattro is connected to the Cerbo via a VE.Bus cable.

When the batteries are completely charged (float phase on the BlueSolar), the SoC on the GX Touch screen says 85%. Why doesn't it says 100%?
The Quattro is selected as "Battery Monitor" in the settings.

The BlueSolar charger uses the standard settings for a victron battery.

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The Quattro battery monitor can only see what passes through it, i.e., charge consumed by it and charge supplied by it.

It can't see what the BlueSolar is adding to the system.

You need a BMV or smartshunt installed at the (-) battery terminals through which ALL loads/charges pass through. These interface with the GX and will report an accurate SoC.

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I mistakenly thought they could "see" eachother via the Cerbo.
Because even when I charge it via the Quattro with a generator, SoC never rises further.

How does it work in an EasySolar inverter then?

Devices generally don't "see each other." The GX device sees them and can then control/modify them or pass info accordingly, but the Quattro has no clue the BlueSolar is there and vice versa.

The Easy solar is an integrated unit with a GX and the equivalent of a BMV built in. It can see all current to and from the battery and can thus report an accurate state of charge.

The EasySolar don't have a BMV inside, it is just a MultiPlus, a MPPT and a GX device in one case.

It is the same as you are buy and connect all three together as stand alone components.

It IS synchronizing via the Cerbo.

Maybe some of your settings are wrong.
Please make some screenshots of your settings.

A BMV or SmartShunt will give you more precise results.

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Which settings?

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Apparently you are right!

(B) Battery with Multi or Quattro and MPPT Solar Chargers -ALSO- An EasySolar with GX Device built-in

No battery monitor is required, as long as all MPPT Solar Chargers are Victron products and are connected to the CCGX . The CCGX will continuously read the actual charge current from all solar chargers, and send the total to the Multi (or Quattro) which then uses that information in its SOC calculations.


  1. Enable and configure the Battery Monitor in VEConfigure.

  2. On the CCGX , in Settings → System setup, verify the selected Battery Monitor. It should be the Multi or Quattro.

  3. In the same menu, verify that the option 'Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC' is enabled. Note that this is not a setting - it just an indicator of an automatic process.

Note that this feature requires recent firmware versions in both the Multis or Quattros (402 minimum), and the CCGX (v2.06 minimum).