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Old multiplus cannot change state or current limit from venus os

I have an old multiplus compact 12/800/35 with old processor and firmware updated to 1903209 (original is 1903141) connected with mk3-usb to raspberry pi running venus os 2.80~29. no other ve.bus devices connected

The problem is that I cannot control the inverter state or change the input current limit remotely. Even when I connect the mk3-usb to computer and use ve.configure 3 virtual panel, none of the virtual switches work.

If I communicate directly with mk3-usb using commands from this link:

I can successfully switch the inverter on/off and change the input current limit.

What I noticed is that the inverter name in venus os is "phoenix multi compact 12/800/35-16" which is not exactly correct as it is not phoenix branded but propably doesn't matter. Also ModeIsAdjustable is zero in dbus which indicates that the remote inverter mode change is not supported?

Should this work or is the multiplus too old? Also I am not sure if I set the dip switches correctly. Now they are set to use the main switch on the inverter as if set otherwise I cannot turn the inverter on.

Venus OSRaspberry PiMK3
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you could Try installing Kevin Windrems add on and see if t then works - there should be no restrictions in the 1903209 fw that I am aware of, I have a quick look on one of my sites on 19??209 ver fw and I can do the charges in VE Configure. Make sure remote control tick is selected as well.

Also Read kevins readme at the bottom of this link

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I am already using the guimods but still the same as without the mod.

Confirmed that it is an issue with the firmware as I bought another secondhand multiplus with the 26 processor as I needed to have DVCC working which requires the new processor.

This multiplus came with 2603413 firmware and it had the same problem as 209 firmware but after updating to 490 firmware all the controls work.

It seems that somewhere between firmwares 413 and 490 the support has been added but I haven't seen any information about this limitation.

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Do you have Victron Smart lithium batteries and the VE.Bus BMS?
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No I don't. Lead acid battery and nothing connected to the ve.bus other than the mk3-usb
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Well just found this link:

And it says on the bottom that

"For systems with a GX product installed, and running firmware version 415 or newer, switching between on/off/charger-only and setting the input current limit IS possible."

So there is a limitation for the older firmwares.

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