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Setting equalization current and termination on SmartSolar controllers.

So despite the absorption problem remaining unfixed by the last firmware update, I'm now trying to set my SmartSolar MPPT to correctly and automatically equalize, like my previous controller did.

The Victron manual states:

"The current is limited to 8% of the bulk current for the factory default

battery type, and to 25% of the bulk current for a user defined

battery type. The bulk current is the rated charger current unless

a lower maximum current setting has been chosen."

25% of 50A is 12.5A - much more than the specified 8a limit for my batteries. If the manual is correct, does this mean I have to hamstring my 50A controller to 32A, just to get the correct equalization limit??

Additionally, the manual also states:

"For all tubular plate batteries and the user defined battery type

automatic equalization ends after t = (absorption time)/2."

Again - ignoring for the moment that Victron controllers have horribly unreliable absorption times - this "absorption time/2" again doesn't match my batteries equalization time specs, so long as I try and also use their recommended absorb time

So am I understanding these settings correctly?

If so - who's idea was it to tie equalization limits to arbitrary %-ages of absorption??? It's a roundabout method that winds up meaning unless your batteries work specifically on Victrons ratios, you're force to have one parameter or the other incorrect, or both.

If these are controllable parameters (which they obviously are), why not make it a straightforward setting, so people can just set what they need and be done with it?

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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

Hi @StraightUp, thanks for bringing this up. I don't immediately remember how this was intended/conceived.

The good news is that the developers added the equalisation settings onto the table while working at the absorption time and related fixes; so thanks for your input; I'll add it.

ps. Still for some reason that I do not understand, I have not been able to send you an email; they keep coming back; any ideas?

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@mvader (Victron Energy Staff) Yes - I used a disposable email when I registered my account, as I do for any forum I register to these days. What were the emails about?

ahh that explains things. The email asked if you'd be interested to see (and where possible comment on-) the internal documentation / discussion around the absorption time, history pages and related improvements.

StraightUp avatar image StraightUp mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

I'd think, if I'm deemed deserving of that information, then any other Smart/Bluesolar owner should be too, no? And on that grounds, I'd suggest simply making said documentation/discussion public. After all, these are all people using the product, and paying for it.

Victron isn't unique, in terms of establishing its own in-house "support" forum. But you could really be an industry first, if you use it to earnestly engage your customer base in product development and refinement. Just an idea.

I like what you're saying; and perhaps some day we'll do that; but for now I'm not going that far.

What will be public is the result and change-log. And in this case perhaps a beta too.

StraightUp avatar image StraightUp mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

It's your show.

There's a lot more I would like to add eg. the overall wisdom/effectiveness of relying on simple timers to determine charge phase transition.

I have questions, and suggestions for improvement there. But these comment boxes have character limits, and the stack-exchange style "ask a question" format limits breadth.

Is this the sort of thing you refer to in terms of "internal discussion" ? Or should I make another few "questions" ?

Hi, more input would be very welcome. Yes I also find those limits in the comments are no always helpfull for discussions like this.

But several questions aren’t either; for me ( & even more so colleagues that don’t follow all the time, that would make it quite hard to follow.

I’ll drop you my email in a private note; I’m sure we’ll find a way / be that public or not.