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Problems with Quattro + BYD + Cerbo

Good morning everyone,

a client of mine is having problems installing a system with BYD LVS 16kWh battery, a Quattro 48/5000 and Cerbo with his touchscreen.
The plant is only powered by a diesel generator since solar panels at the moment are not allowed there. Using remote VE.Configure I enabled the use of a generator without assistant (or do I need it since he's using the Quattro relay?)

I managed to get the plant online but the batteries do not shown under the device list.
I think the problem might be in the Type-A cable connecting the BYD BMU to the Cerbo since the client wanted to make one using the CANH/CANL configuration... I wasn't able to convince him but I do believe this is the problem.

Is it possible that a non industrial cable is causing issues? The guy is not a newbie, he knows how to make one but honestly I got no idea what else it could be.
Just to clarify because maybe I am wrong:

CAN-BUS type-A ==> Cerbo-BYD BMU
RJ485 ==> BMU-PDU
VE.Bus ==> Quattro-Cerbo

I don't think there is more to do but hoping for your help!

Thanks in advanced,


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2 Answers
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JohnC answered ·

Hi @FGS Energie

You've probably seen the Victron literature on the BYD's, but there is mention of just this issue in the Troubleshooting section..

"If its not visible, check:

* GX device firmware version (update to latest version, v2.15 or later)

* BYD firmware version (see requirement above)

* CAN-bus communication cabling between BYD and Victron system. Make sure that it is in the right way around. If the special cable is plugged in reversed it won't work.

* BYD system is up and running (RUN led on BYD BMU is on)"

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fgs-energie answered ·

Thanks @JohnC for the quick response.
I did see that but the only firware which kinda confuses me is the Quattro that has version 430 and still no possible firware update requested (maybe I am wrong, but isn't version 469 the latest one?).

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@FGS Energie

489 is the latest I think for that Quattro. 430 is a little dated.. but that may not fix it anyway.

The CAN cable maybe being the 'wrong way round' was the reason I posted. And especially if it's a diy job. But the issue may well be elsewhere. Victron notes tend to be as brief and to-the-point as they can be, so as not to dissuade impatient readers. So if something is mentioned it's usually happened before.

Could even be something like a missing CAN terminator, etc..

Oh ok, I'll see what I can do and let you know!

The biggest problem here is the remote handling of the system because I can not really trust what the client is saying as every installer knows !

Thanks again and have a good day !

p.s. 1st post on this community and I'm very happy about it :)